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The winning fireworks display of Dragon Fireworks Inc. from the Philippines performed at the Pyronale 2013 Fireworks World Championships, Olympic Stadium in Berlin (Germany). The Philippines won two prizes, favorite of the audience and the overall winner! Congratulations to dragon fireworks!

redit from R. Saturi

Zamboanga on a Monday/ Scapegoat to The Pork Barrel?

Actions for the Desperate Quest of the Establishment of the Bangsa Moro Republic in Mindanao that was started in Deception and Ends Up in Tragedy. By: Young Blood Moro Amidst the clashes between MNLF fighters and the Government troops resulting to the death of 4 civilians, 1 Navy and 1 PNP, wounding (PNP - 3, AFP - 7, Civilians - 4)20 from Talon-Talon Mosque and 10 from CAMACOP in Sta. Barbara with undetermined number of hostages at SDK Bldg., Fernandez Store, and Lustre from Sta. Catalina; all begun in a deliberate deceptionary tactics of Prof. Nur Misuari. He is so desperate to come up with a plan to awaken the silent MNLF members and enliven their cause through the introduction of a STAND-OUT COMEDIAN from Ilo-Ilo by the name of Dr. DANIEL XAVIER Y CRUZ. Any MNLF Commander can verify this certain Dr. Daniel Xavier Y Cruz, oftentimes called Daniel, Xavier/Haber, Dr. Dan allegedly meet with Prof. Nur Misuari, somewhere in Jolo, Sulu on the 19th day of August, 2013 and then introduce…