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MOVIE TRAILER: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Mothers' Day & Motherhood

Oh, mother 0' mine, I was far away
In a town with only a train a day
On Mothers' Day, so I could not get
To where my arms could embrace you. Yet
You know I thought of you, all day long;
And the days of boyhood, the days of song,
The days of play, and the romp and run
From morning's light till the day was done
Almost came back to me, out so far
From the clamor and jostle and heat and jar
Of the mighty city; and with them you
Crooned a lullabye, as you used to do
When the sun went down and the stars blinked out
And I clambered up on your knees, apout
For a mother-kiss, and I thought of times
We had known toged1er, and romps and climbs;
And I thought of falls on the stones and dirt,
And of mother-kisses which healed each hurt;
And I sought a rose and I found one, white
As a mother's love, and I pinned it right
Above the heart of the little chap
Who used to snuggle into your lap;
The little chap who has grown so old
And is out so far in a world that's cold,
Just a litt…