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Environmental Problems

The Unconcealed Metaphor of Mother Earth Janet AnBraza

The Earth is our mother who gives birth, nurtures her child and undergoes all the pain and agony to give it utmost comfort. Mother Earth is also indomitable patient, it adjust to many changes like climate, nutritional levels and natural calamities to maintain an equilibrium. Life on Planet Earth exists in a delicate balance, system of interdependency among plants, animals, insects and the environment. The planet supports an infinite variety of ecosystems, each of which is untimely dependent upon all others for survival! If a single species becomes instinct, everyone on the planet is affected, Our concept of justice should therefore be widened to include generations yet unborn, since ant action taken today necessary affects them. Prevailing myths about our relationship with Mother Earth are now obsolete and destructive. Already, the four henchmen of ecological apocalypse loom in the distance – toxic waste, the greenhouse effect, the de…

Dr. Howard Sobel, a World Health Organization

WHO Representative Visits Iligan Janet An Braza Dr. Howard Sobel, a World Health Organization (WHO) representative from New York, USA, visited IliganCity last October 19, 2007. Sobel was welcomed by City Health Officer Dr. Levi Villarin, together with the DOH Representative Dr. Janet Braza, some doctors from Region 10, and few representatives from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). With the entourage, Sobel went to the IliganCity Hall to see the Mayor; unfortunately, the Mayor was out of town for a very important business. They were then entertained by Atty. Cenas, the Executive Assistant of Mayor Lawrence Cruz. Sobel would be here in the country for one month (from October 15-November 15) to monitor the cities of the country’s three-hundred-thousand-strategy of their 20% topographic coverage for his passions for children through his ‘Iwas Tigdas’ Campaign. In a related development, it can be recalled that last Monday, October 15, the flag raising ceremony done by th…