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9 more days into ending the MARTIAL LAW, civil society are consulting on the options of bakwits/evacuees and affected communities. 51 days of suffering, please leave us, enough is enough all ARMED FORCES FROM ALL SIDES . Meantime, we in Ranao Rescue Team, hold in our hands medical reports on patients from hospitals that suffered from the Marawi crisis . While we thank the hospitals for sponsoring many of the IDPs' expenses , we urge the AFP to seriously look into the ramifications ie trauma from armed operations. Use of aerial, ground and various attacks have been unbearable to the senses of residents. The shake from the F 150 is literally earth-shaking. We are somehow thankful in the statement of the Armed Forces of the Philippines that it will do its best to end the Marawi conflict within 15 days. We urge our future be NOT suspended by a promise and such action to CLOSE DOWN ARMED OPERATIONS be fulfilled and that LAW ENFORCEMENT TAKES EFFECT against those violating laws. --Sami…