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Environment and economy in the elections

Environment and economy in the elections

Ateneo FactCheck 2013 Rapid Assessment of the 2013 Elections 
Release 2 (16 May 2013)

General Conduct of Elections 

While generally peaceful and credible, there are setbacks in the conduct of the 2013 elections that require attention.

- Voters turnout: 70%. Lower than in 2010 (76%) and even in 2007 mid-term elections (75%). There are 15.6M registered voters that did not vote. 12.3M in 2010 and 11.2M in 2007.
- ERV: generally peaceful. 51 killed, 65 wounded (during election period). In 2010, 54 killed and 74 wounded. In 2007, 56 killed, 69 wounded. But the difference in figure is minimal. Still, violence was part of the elections.
- Voters list. Not much of a problem. Unlike in the past elections, disenfranchisement was not a major challenge this elections.
- Canvassing - This is the major setback in the 2013 elections. 70% completed in 48 hours. Far below than in 2010 election: 78.55% in 11 hours.

Political Dynasties

Major political dynasties faced defea…