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I like to use my id when life is dim, I won’t have my life to realm- The thing am boasting is love for sheathe, To confront the raging fire for death.
A brain should be use in order to reign. A Preacher’s word says bitter death is hard to find Yet, I left my brain inside the chaste, When I saw my love towards me in haste…
Alright my soul facing to the inferno way, For it’s the only key to leave my love array. How a self worries such sulphur’s aghast, Of peoples, things, prestige to keep this ghost.
Fading virtue, lives astray will go right today.
Janet S. Braza He who walks honestly, Works securely.( Prov 10:9)

Destiny or Predistination


Destiny By Janet An Braza
This calls up the idea of fate, which is inexorable and unalterable. Hence, the number of men predestinated to life and of foreordained to death is so certain and definite—a thing that cannot be altered. In some contexts, the word “destiny” may also convey the most fixed and unalterable of fates, while in another it may be the attainment of a journey's end.
What will follow then is an incident that best exemplifies destiny:
Despite the heavy rain that flooded the streets, a young man wearing a white dress demanded the taxi driver to hurry so he could catch up for the debut party of his childhood friend. He could not miss this party. Just for this event he spent many nights looking at himself before a mirror rehearsing. “I must be her first dance, and we should be friends forever!” he murmured looking at his watch. It was already 8 o’clock in the evening. Her party could have started already. Traffic was so heavy. The streets were noisy. The driver, in …