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Here's and M and another M, and there's a C with the RT

I cannot get over yet with the thought that our national leadership chose war instead of peace. I cannot accept the fact that the security cluster of Pnoy's cabinet would not have seen the consequence of war in Zamboangga. It made me think that either they are a bunch of stupid fools or addict children of war games in videos whose decisions are always clouded with the games they played or watched in videos. The collateral damage is beyond our imagination. Lives lost, properties destroyed, business bankrupt, sufferings and miseries of residents beyond our comprehension. A people traumatized and the oldest city destroyed. No amount of money even in the billions from the PORK BARREL of the president can compensate the tremendous loss of the people of Zamboangga. 
I am still waiting for answers why the govt chose war instead of diplomacy. Former pres. Ramos said " we have given them a peace accord with MNLF in silver platter, all they have to do is work on it". It took three …