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Bullying the Davao Media by Mr. Edwin G. Espejo

They flew in with their expensive equipment, billeted themselves in some swank hotels, staked out and waited endlessly for the president-elect to give them briefings and his regular dose of surprises. Most of them are reporters of big networks, others on assignment from the wires. Majority of them have one thing in common – they have not tasted what it is like to be a journalist residing in Davao for at least a decade.
They desperately seek out Mayor Rodrigo Duterte who, by his nature as an unconventional subject, is now the country’s most quotable person and the press’ hottest copy – as if being president is not hot enough,
Many of them are young, aggressive and persistent reporters. Others are veterans of the presidential coverages.
Some seek out the help of their Davao counterparts. Others simply throw their weights around, using their reputation or shall we say their ‘prestige’.
They churn out stories and send images for their networks to print and air.
But the coverages does not end th…