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Solutions on Water Pollution

Water Pollution Janet Braza
Water pollution becomes one of the primordial problems of the world. In most urban areas, problems regarding water pollution are a commonplace. This is due to the influx of people, which cannot be avoided because there are a lot of opportunities in the metropolis than in the country, such as, education, careers, jobs, and recreations. Water pollution is brought about by so many causative factors. First are water pipes leakages. When there are leakages, contaminants, say, from septic tanks, enter into these leaks. Next are the discharges from a sewage treatmentplant, afactory, or a citystorm drain. And third, which is very common, are people’s wastes. People’s changed lifestyle and high-paced industrialization are perennial as the grass. They may be are aware of water pollution, but they are just passive about it. Using conventional centralized approaches, or better, optimizing the limited amount of water resources available in a more efficient way is one solu…