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lifespot18 December 2010Hon. Mayor Omar ‘Solitario’ AliCity MayorIslamic City of MarawiDear Mayor Ali:Greetings of Peace!The First Series of Mindanaoan Writers Convention held in DavaoCity had a theme about child-friendly newspapers.As a participant to this convention, I learned that a budgetary support of the government for the children is needed and is very significant.This financial support will give children an opportunity to be heard and be known in the region.In this regard, I would like to solicit your sponsorship of a children’s page in our newspaper, the Mindanao Bulletin.Your monthly support of fifteen thousand pesos (P15,000) will not only feature our Muslim children but also your city and province as well.Hence, you can send us some news about your plans, programs, activities and developmental projects you have for dissemination to your constituents as well as to your neighboring cities and provinces.Our very goal of this project is to help develop a “child-friendly” newsp…