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Plant Medicine Summit 2018:

Welcome to theThe Plant Medicine Summit Support Center. This event is being presented by The Shift Network. We're excited to offer this incredible online gathering of botanical medicine experts, health practitioners, and inspiring educators, and we're also passionate about providing the best support possible to our participants. 
Please begin by reading through the following Frequently Asked Questions. If you don’t find the answer to your question(s) in the FAQs, please scroll down and click on the appropriate support link for additional assistance. Where is the Program Schedule & Replays page? How do I listen to the live calls? How do I listen to the free replays? I need help purchasing The 2018 Plant Medicine
Wisdom Collection. Who do I contact? I bought The 2018 Plant Medicine Wisdom
Collection… How do I access my bonuses? Why does it say The Shift Network on
my credit card statement or receipt?