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Issues and Awareness (Human Security Act (Version of 2007)

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT JOJO S. BASCUG President, Asia-Pacific Society for Sustainable Development, Inc.

Issues and Awareness
The basic question is, what kind of world are we going to give to our children in the future? It is pointless to just say that our society is facing great environmental problems. There is an overall degradation of the components of our biosphere. The quality of air we breathe, the water we drink, the soil in which we grow our food, and the land where we live, are deteriorating to a disturbing extent. In this transitional period of rapidly increasing awareness of the conflict between human activities and the environmental constraints, our commitment to protect the environment must stand supreme. The need to protect our already depleted natural resources can hardly be more emphasized. This of course cannot be done if humans continue to pursue the progressing patterns.
The environment is an outcome of millions of years of evolutions and mutations, harboring all kinds …

Copy of the Volume 7 Publication (File Retrieved)

Sangyaw Mindanao Vol. 1 No. 7         Iligan City, Lanao del Norte                      10 Php

WHO Representative Visits Iligan Janet An Braza Dr. Howard Sobel, a World Health Organization (WHO) representative from New York, USA, visited Iligan City last October 19, 2007. Sobel was welcomed by City Health Officer Dr. Levi Villarin, together with the DOH Representative Dr. Janet Braza, some doctors from Region 10, and few representatives from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). With the entourage, Sobel went to the Iligan City Hall to see the Mayor; unfortunately, the Mayor was out of town for a very important business. They were then entertained by Atty. Cenas, the Executive Assistant of Mayor Lawrence Cruz. Sobel would be here in the country for one month (from October 15-November 15) to monitor the cities of the country’s three-hundred-thousand-strategy of their 20% topographic coverage for his passions for children through his ‘Iwas Tigdas’ Campaign. In a relate…