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2016 Elections

Wednesday, April 20, 2016"Condemn Duterte Even If You’re A Supporter. Your man may win and become president but in the process you have lost. In making him a winner you have made yourself a loser. "

See - X - Condemn Duterte Even If You’re A Supporter
"x x x.

By: Carlos S. Hernandez Jr.

When he advocated for extrajudicial killings, you remained silent.
When he called someone bayot (gay), you also remained silent.
When he cracked that rape joke, even intimating the he should be the first to commit it, you also remained silent.
There are times when you break your silence and start defending him.
You remain silent even if in your heart of hearts you know that what he said should be condemned. This is because you believe that he is still the best among all the presidential candidates. He must not be criticized because the other candidates deserve to be criticized more. By hook or by crook, he must win. Therefore you reduce everything, all issues bar none, into a mere politic…

Elections 2016

Students 'Artworks Hardwork Yet Fun

Chaleigh's Adam's Mural Watercolour


Chaleigh's Dish Gardening (Below)


MyStudents ArtsExhibits @ the Cultural Center of the Philippines

Bulwagang Botong Francisco,CCP