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“George Rabusa, How Do You Plead/Guilty or Not Guilty?”

Here is a short anecdote to expose who George Rabusa is. A chess player, a soldier's son who made his way unto the heart of the AFP's financial system through guile and scheming ways feeding on the human weakness of his superiors and family --ingratiating himself along the way. His design would make him amass wealth beyond compare under the cover of doing it in behalf of his superiors. When eventually caught with substantial unexplained wealth, he conveniently pointed to cover himself. He brilliantly sought the assistance of the Estrada family who would not only help him quash his plunder case but would also gave him fat money in pinning down General Reyes in revenge to his withdrawal of support that caused the downfall of the former President Estrada.
Now, taking advantage of immunity under the government’s Witness Protection Program, he is even considered a hero by a gullible public which has a penchant for expose.
After bastardizing a system and attempting to do the same on…