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Reminders for The Lenten Seasons

To All the Christians Around The World Within the Interfaith

The Cross Work for Justification JsBraza
·Dying and of Unification/ reconciliation to the Father (buried and raised to Newness of Life in Him. ·Dying-rising life He lives in with and by us in our priesthood ministry for the world
Chapters I, II, III to 20 + our past v.21 but now- a new way which is by faith god expe4cting us to be righteous by receiving His Grace (freely provision). God has shown us a different way to heaven, a righteousness 1.) It comes from the declaration of God 2.) idea of His righteousness:                                     You can be righteous if God works (it works with our shoulder)                                      In the since of integrity of character or attribute of God. 6:24, 25i..e. = the Law concerning Sabbath God gives it only one law about Sabbath yet the lawmakers (the Jews) made it 15:21 laws of Sabbath.
Justification = is the sovereign act of God, being justified-                     = is that …

Sabah is part of the Philippines v2


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