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Regional Vice Governor of ARMM.

Had he been given the chance to speak yesterday at Congress... "I am Haroun Alrashid Alonto Lucman Jr.
Regional Vice Governor of ARMM. I speak before you as a Maranao and for my people who are directly affected by the Marawi siege. From day 1 of the siege, I was in Marawi as instructed by our Regional Governor Mujiv Hataman, to give the assessment to the ARMM gov't so that the regional gov't are properly guided in acting upon the situation.
Let me first be clear on the position of the ARMM gov't on these terror groups; we support the military campaign against them and we want them completely neutralized. We must not allow them to regroup and sow terror in our lands. ISIS is against humanity as a whole and humanity must unite in fighting them. According to the NEOC, the number of IDPs has already reached 527 thousand individuals. This number has surpassed the actual population of Marawi City which is 207 thousand persons. The reason is that even those in the municipalit…