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Thousands Flee Brazil Floods

Thousands Flee Brazil Floods


New Discovery Promises Efficient Way to Recycle Carbon Dioxide Pollution

New Discovery Promises Efficient Way to Recycle Carbon Dioxide Pollution


Iligan Disaster Rehabilitation and Coordination Center




January 7, 2012 (Saturday)

Inahan sa Kinabuhi Seminary Chapel

Barangay Palao, Iligan City

1. OPENING PRAYER – led by Sister Carmen Hayrosa, RSM
2. PAMBANSANG AWIT – led by Mr. Roy Trinidad
3. Reading of the Previous Meeting – by Mike Ablanque, Secretary

* Approved as read -


* The chairman declares a quorum
* Mr Roy Trinidad moves that whoever constitute every meeting makes the quorum
* Dr. Nenet Englis – can you show us the framework and purpose of this organization
* FDLO sector – representative of labor; gamay lang summary sa objectives of the group
* Atty Ver Quimco – i-relax lang ang parliamentary procedure
* Fr Nazzer Zarragoza – distribute the minutes to everyone; we should not be perceived by the LGU as their opposition; the barangays have not received their calamity funds yet, after 16 days; we are here as pressure group; the LGU should be happy of our presence; nature of our group: technical, willing to help the people and LGU, in all honesty and justice; we should not be understood as “pasikat na sila” kay modagan man sa eleksyon, but we are here kay motabang ta sa katawhan.
* Atty Mike Salibay – the Iligan Disaster Rehabilitation and Coordination Center (IDRCC) was formed by various concerned individuals, NGOs, sectoral group naningkamot nga matabangan ang nanga biktima; see to it that the relief, donations, and funds are justly extended to the victims; kining kahugpungan namugna isip “watch-dog” ubos sa pag-agda ni Bishop Ellenito Galido ug pipila ka mga concerned inviduals
* Atty Betsy Zalsos – there are different organizations helping out, there are many people have raised the concern that they have not received any relief; it this is an avenue where we can consolidate our efforts, wherein we can master our efforts, we have to do something; daghan na kaayong mga tawo nga discontented nga nagkinahanglan og tabang, then, we are a force that we can be recund with;


* Committee Reports

i. Media Committee: - Fr Nazzer Zaragoza - nangita’g radio station; VOX POPULI, VOX DEI at DXRJ-AM at 7-7:30 P.M. at P9,000.00 per month; nature: resulta sa IDRCC meeting i-feedback, request for help by victims, bring in various agencies to respond to the needs raised by the radio listeners;

1. ILISA – Maria Effs – nangayo og 1 sack of rice from Agnes Maingat, gipangutanag asa ipanghatag, giingnan sa Bayug Island, mitubag “wala na may mga tawo dha,” gihatagan sila’g one rice of NFA nga baho;

1. 2. Boy Altres – daghan pang mga oras sa Love Radio: 6:00am with Jun Enriquez; kinahanglang paspas na ta, kay mas paspas sila didto sa taas, ug basig wa na tay auditon kay mahurot na ang mga resources; daghan na ang nagreklamo ug daghan ang gipanggutom; apan daghan pa ang mga goods ug funds
2. 3. Meeting of Media Committee: - 8:00pm, January 8, 2012 at St Michael’s Cathedral Rectory


1. ii. Resource Mobilization Committee:
1. 1. Functions:
2. 2. Fr Diggs Maata – chairman;
3. iii. Medical Relief and Rehabilitation Committee:
1. 1. Doc Claire Aguirre
1. a. UP system sent various experts: Pahinungod Committee, geological sciences, forensics with Dr Fortun & Popoy de Vera,
2. b. Went to Digkilaan to do outreach program with the UP system experts
3. c. Collected data with FISMED infectious diseases
4. d. Liptospirosis has different treatment depending on exposures and severity
5. e. Data collection will be used
6. f. Dengue & liptospirosis have similar symptoms;
7. g. Leptospirosis –
1. i. Nature, symptoms, remedies
2. 2. Doc Bunz Lim
1. a. Approach the City Health Office because they are very accommodating
2. b. I want to make this group as a pressure group
3. c. Coordinate with Iligan Medical Society
4. d. IMS has calamity fund, which are fully used already, medical missions launched, first to give-away doxycycline for leptospirosis;
5. e. P100,000 as seed money for mobile clinic;
6. f. Dr Belinda “Bunz” Cu-Lim ( 0922-8855-614; PIO of Iligan Medical Society; coordinator, Filipino Chinese Catholic Youth, Iligan City;
7. 3. Atty Salibay - 18 doctors from Iloilo with medicines are here
8. 4. Motion by Atty Ver Quimco –
1. a. that Resource Mobilization Committee and Medical Relief, Rehabilitation Committee that they coordinate;
2. b. meeting right after this meeting
9. 5. Engr Tom Santos –
1. a. there 18 Iloilo doctors who are residing & accommodated by Engr Roy Trinidad; they are battle-tested municipal health officers in Iloilo
10. 6. Atty Betsy Zalsos – we have to pressure the City Government; we should a rally to pressure;
11. 7. Fr Nazzer Zarragoza
1. a. Resources are available at the Cathedral
2. b. We acknowledge and encourage individuals to distribute their relief goods
12. 8. Dr Charles Marquez
1. a. We perform transparency, dunay bulletin board, open ang accounting, didto sa Cathedral
2. b. Gave 10 boxes of doxycycline to City Hospital; 5 boxes to Dr Lagtapon; 5 boxes at Brgy Hinaplanon;
3. c. Rural Missionaries of the Philippines have outreach mission at Mandulog
4. d. Jan 14 – dunay moabot nga medical teams para sa hinterlands or Rogongon; community to assist

1. iv. Infrastructure and Rehabilitation Committee (by Engr Buddy Gerona)
1. Had meeting with civil engineers, to attend to the needs of shelters; coming up with a design with least cost, durable, stable,
2. Involved with relocation, like NSC
3. Challenged the engineers to come up with a design of housing unit which are cheaper, most stable, durable
4. No money, but want to have an action; want to compliment with the programs and functions of the government; request Bishop Galido to be our liaison with the City Mayor
5. Cesar Padilla – duna tay relief, rehabilitation, advocacy;
1. i. Ang atong Advocacy mahimo sad nga adversarial – city gov’t is negotiating for the use of NSC lot as rehabilitation, what is its effect of this negotiation to the case, dapat dunay transparency ang gobyerno
2. ii. Calamity fund sa Iligan, naka disburse na og P10milyon sa P50milyon; disbursement of calamity can be released only with the
3. v. Information, Documentation and Research Committee:
1. NSC relocation is 15.9 hectares;
1. Permit to entry only, nothing else
2. Nagsugod na silag putol sa lubi
3. Declared as industrial; but physically, it is agricultural;
4. There is a SP resolution
5. Kasagaran sa yuta sa NSC is industrial
6. 2000-2007 tax non-paid; P1,000.00 per sq.m.
7. Case documents turned over to the committee: Civil Case: 10-639; SP resolution;

1. vi. Sharing of a Victim from Brgy Digkilaan

1. vii. Advocacy Committee: (by Atty Ver Quimco)
1. Met formally with ARMM Governor Hataman who informed that he has declared total logging operations, including the cutting of trees from private lands within the jurisdiction of the ARMM
2. The city gov’t has not acted upon the letter of the IDRCC, hence, the committee will file a necessary legal remedy

1. viii. Transparency and Accountability Committee:
1. Have not held a meeting yet
2. Needs to inventory the funds and donations received by the LGU; work closely with the LGU, particularly with the Treasurer, what funds, where applied, publish in front of the Cathedral; how to keep track of the donations and how it was expended;
3. What we are concerned is the CASH donations entrusted to the City Treasurer
1. Fr Maata –
1. i. Mayor Cruz called up to ask permission to put up a tarpaulin in front of the Cathedral
2. ii. Special funds – (Local Gov’t Code) sec 319;
1. Must be a separate account;


* 18 doctors from Iloilo
* Concern is for education
* City Hospital – to treat victims of leptospirosis
* No problem with supply of doxycycline,
* Interviewed by various

1. i. 98 cases
2. ii. 42 suspected
3. iii. 40 confirmed leptospirosis infected

* Task since Dec 16 – to identify the cadavers of typhoon victims, processed 173 victims, buried at the cemetery of Palao; those not identified are buried there; there are still many more missing;
* Problems of health – epidemic after Sendong: water, food, management of evacuation centers; there were many various responses;
* All medicines are all accounted;
* During the first 48 hours, the city health office and Iligan Medical Society worked hand in hand; nahutdan tag doxycycline here in Iligan, however we were able to purchase from CDO, and from donations from other sources
* Environment and Sanitation at evacuation centers is worse, so we are monitoring it

1. i. 300 identified were
2. ii. Buried almost 200 unidentified; processed by forensic group under Dr Fortun
3. iii. Missing persons – cannot yet be given P10,000 until fully identified by and processed
4. iv. Dr Bunz Lim –
1. City hospital has 78 beds, but accepting more than 150 patients each day; only few employees;
2. There was NO additional bed,
3. v. Dr Villarin:
1. 120 beds capacity – approved by the DOH
2. Challenged dr Saloma: - promised to accommodate all patients with leptospirosis


* All committee chairmen make immediate representation to the City Mayor re:

1. i. Food/relief
2. ii. Medical needs of flood victims

* MONDAY, Jan 9, 2012
* VENUE: St. Michael’s Cathedral Function Hall

1. 10. CLOSING PRAYER: led by Fr Nazzer Zarragoza
2. 11. ADJOURNMENT: formally adjourned by Chairman Atty Salibay at 6:45p.m.

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Violeta M. Gloria unsa ning no problem sa tambal for leptosipirosis? sigurudauha ni
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Violeta M. Gloria siguraduha ni kay daghan nag istorya sa panginahangla ani
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Janet An Braza we are on the brink of epidemic
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Janet An Braza Dr. Levi said a while ago, outbreak pa lang, wala pay epidemia
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Janet An Braza ‎98 admitted, 42 are supected, 40 are positive, 8 died of it
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Aveen Acuna-Gulo ‎Violeta M. Gloria: pila na man na ka adlaw ang leptos. dapat by this time bisag purchase request man lang naa jud tingali na uy...
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Janet An Braza here in our city, 200 deceased na ang leptopira sa CDO
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Janet An Braza from the date to 30 days ang incubation sa human,
2 minutes ago · LikeUnlike
Janet An Braza ‎3-4 months ang healing or confinement sa hospital
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