Tuesday, August 15, 2017

NUJP on Ted Failon's Libel Suit

August 16, 2017
The libel suit against ABS-CBN’s Ted Failon and members of his staff again underscores how onion-skinned government officials wield the antediluvian criminal libel law as a bludgeon in their vain hope to cow critical journalism into silence.
Failon and his three colleagues posted bail Tuesday after they were ordered arrested by a Tagaytay City court for the case filed by then Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) chairman and now presidential political adviser Francis Tolentino.
The charge stems from an episode of “Failon Ngayon” that looked into the allegedly irregular purchase by the MMDA under Tolentino of second hand motorcycles for Pope Francis’ visit to Manila in 2014, which the Commission on Audit had questioned.
Regardless of the merits of the case, there can be no doubt Failon had taken on a subject of public interest and significance and sought accountability from a government official sworn to uphold the law and promote the general welfare.
The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines stands squarely with Ted Failon and his colleagues and calls on Mr. Tolentino to drop his misbegotten suit against them.
Mr. Tolentino claims his reputation was tarnished. But seeking to jail journalists instead of squarely responding to the valid issues they raised can only taint his image even more.
Filing a criminal libel suit instead of responding to an issue honestly smacks of vindictiveness and goes against the very principle of public office being a public trust.
We also reiterate our long-standing demand for Congress to swiftly legislate the decriminalization of libel and bar its use by public servants to quell legitimate inquiries and criticism of their actions. --NUJP Nonoy Espina
(The Union of Journalists of the Philippines.


Monday, August 14, 2017

Social Media Policy

How is journalism different from blogging? CMFR chair Vergel Santos and PCOO ASec. Kris Ablan talks about the Palace's policy on social media accreditation.

#ANCEarlyEdition: On the social media policy

Friday, July 28, 2017

PCG Enforces A Mandate

Iligan City –The Iligan Bay Coast Guard enforces a mandate to Eastern Iligan Bay and Northern Mindanao fisher folks and all watercraft owners to register their boats to the Coastguard for some security numbering system. The Coastguard Security Numbering System (CSNS) is a provision in the National Coastguard Law stipulated in the Philippine Coast Guard Memorandum Circular No. 2017-001 dated 31 March 2017 also known as Safety, Security and Environmental Numbering (SSEN) System for all Philippine Registered Vessels and/or watercrafts. Under Penalties and Sanctions Sections, failure to register under SSEN, a written warning shall be issued to the first offender and a corresponding affidavit of undertaking should be submitted to concerned coastguard unit prior release. For the second offender, a detention and be released only upon compliance.
“Each town may designate for its own boat numbering. The same boat number will be submitted to the Coastguard. The boat registration is free of charge. Those boats without registration number will be confiscated by us!” – (Janet S. Braza with LCDR Alberto T Ferre, PCG)


Sunday, July 23, 2017

Regional Vice Governor of ARMM.

Had he been given the chance to speak yesterday at Congress...
"I am Haroun Alrashid Alonto Lucman Jr.
Regional Vice Governor of ARMM.
I speak before you as a Maranao and for my people who are directly affected by the Marawi siege.
From day 1 of the siege, I was in Marawi as instructed by our Regional Governor Mujiv Hataman, to give the assessment to the ARMM gov't so that the regional gov't are properly guided in acting upon the situation.
Let me first be clear on the position of the ARMM gov't on these terror groups; we support the military campaign against them and we want them completely neutralized. We must not allow them to regroup and sow terror in our lands. ISIS is against humanity as a whole and humanity must unite in fighting them.
According to the NEOC, the number of IDPs has already reached 527 thousand individuals. This number has surpassed the actual population of Marawi City which is 207 thousand persons. The reason is that even those in the municipalities of the province have fled to other areas outside of Lanao. Some for economic reason, but many because of fear of Martial Law.
Martial Law to us is repressive, abusive, and dehumanizing. That is the Martial law that we suffered during the Marcos rule. Our people fear it and abhor it. On the other hand, our military men like Gen. Carlito Galvez, Gen. Bautista, and Gen. Rey are doing well in confronting these terror groups. According to our very own SND, Lorenzana, just a while ago, very few remain of the Maute group fighting our military men and they have substantially weakened. They can very deal with these remaining force without the need of extending ML.
I have no problem with Martial Law. I know my rights under its rule. But our people fled as far away as they can and scattered in many places because they fear Martial Law.
Yesterday, the Manila police rounded up Muslim boys in Quiapo for questioning because according to sources they carry no identification cards. It's hard enough being an IDP. It's doubly hard living in a place not your own and suspected of being a terrorist.
Your honors, whatever your decision here, please feel our people's sentiments. WE WANT TO GO HOME.
Thank you."
Addendum: This picture was taken yesterday while he was writing his speech at the Congress. He was there, waiting for his chance to speak in behalf of us Maranaos. But he was not given the chance. Posting this speech was not meant for his personal publicity, and besides, this was posted per demand. This was meant to give us hope. This was meant to make us, Maranaos, somehow feel assured that our public officials (or atleast some) are not abandoning us. And maybe, through this post, our sentiments will reach those who are in the higher ups. We are all in this together! So instead of you throwing all the negative comments regarding this post, think again. Not everything is about "politics". Too much negativity kills. Thank you.
Photo c/o Momoy Macaraya

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Lara Tan CNN Philippines, July 22, 2017

Metro Manila. A Maranao rescue worker became emotional on Saturday as she recalled cases of human rights violations against Marawi evacuees supposedly committed by government troops.

During the joint session of Congress to extend martial law in Mindanao, Samira Gutoc-Tomawis recalled stories of evacuees who claimed they were tortured, psychologically interrogated, and stripped in evacuation centers.
Gutoc, Ranao Rescue Team Convenor, shared how a mother brought to their team her 20-year-old autistic child, who was allegedly tortured and "psychologically" interrogated if he was a member of ISIS-linked Maute.
"The child was brought to the hospital because the mother claims the child, hinulugan po ng mainit na tubig ang kaniyang kamay after being found in Saduc area sa Marawi. He was psychologically interrogated if Maute siya. May isang baril din daw po na (hit with the gun) sa kamay niya," he said.
Gutoc, a former member of the Bangsamoro Transition Commission, recalled how Islam women were supposedly made to strip in evacuation centers.
"Women are — every second — merong humubad sa evacuation center. In Islam, bawal po maghubad, kaya po kami naka-ganito, naka-cover ang face ng ilan. Bawal po makita ang katawan namin," she said.
Exposing intimate body parts is considered a sin in Islam.
Gutoc also shared a story of a rescued man who was allegedly threatened by an official.
"Mr. Pundag, among 26 men, he upon being rescued by men in uniform, they were asked to remove their t-shirts, blindfold themselves, and walk blindfolded. May narinig silang mga baril. Isang sinabi ng boses ng isang authority, 'Maghukay na kayo ng inyong libingan,'" she said. 
Speaking before lawmakers and top military and security officials, with her voice cracking, she appealed to the government to listen to the plight of internally displaced persons from Marawi.

'More and more' reports of violations received - CHR

Commission on Human Rights (CHR) Chairperson Chito Gascon said they are receiving "more and more reports of possible human rights violations" in Mindanao, despite earlier statements of no reported violations arising from the martial law.
"We have been receiving some reports that we are now validating from the victims in the evacuation areas, as well as in the other parts of Mindanao. CHR is still in the middle of  receiving reports and conducting its own investigation," he said.
Gascon said the human rights division of the Armed Forces should issue regular human rights reports, which would then be validated by the CHR.

AFP: Human rights violators will be sanctioned

Also during the session, military officials said soldiers will be punished if proven they violated the rights of Marawi evacuees.
AFP Chief and martial law implementor Gen. Eduardo Año encouraged those who WERE mistreated by government troops in Mindanao to file complaints.
"One thing we will assure you, we never intend to harm or violate any human right. In fact we are welcoming any complaint. We will conduct an investigation and punish, apply sanctions to those who committed any violation," he said.
Defense Secretary and martial law implementor said the military has a strict protocol against committing human rights violations.
"Kung meron mang mga report, pwede pong pakibigay sa amin at imbestigahan namin," he said.http://cnnphilippines.com/news/2017/07/22/Martial-law-Mindanao-Marawi-human-rights-violations.html


18 wika ng Peace Credo

Kalinaw Mindanaw. Sumulpot ito sa Searsolin, Cagayan de Oro 1986, kung saan nabuo din ang Kalinaw Mindanaw o peace advocates sa buong Mindanao-Sulu. Meron sana ng tono na may notes na ginawa ni Frank Englis, direktor ng Octava Choral Group ng MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology, pero hindi ko alam kung paano ito ipapasok sa FB. Ang ginawa ng ibang mga tribu, gumawa ng sariling tono. Kanya-kanya pero ang laman o mensahe, isa lang.
Kalinaw Mindanaw Peace Credo
Tagalog (Original):
(Rudy “Ompong” Rodil)
Kalinaw Mindanaw!
Lumad, Muslim, Kristiyano
Magkaiba, magkaisa
Isang Diyos
Isang lupain
Isang adhikain
Kalinaw Mindanaw! English
(Rudy “Ompong” Rodil)
Peace Mindanaw!
Lumad, Muslim, Christian
They are different, they can be one
One God
One land
One dream
Peace Mindanaw!
(Zamzamin Ampatuan)
Kalilintad sa Mindanaw!
Lumad, Muslim, Kristiyano
Endidaya ugayd na bagayun
Isa nin bu su Kadenan
Isa bu i begkalebenan
Isa su singanin
Kalilintad Mindanaw!
Cebuano Bisaya
(Marilou Berangel/ Beverly Luceño)
Kalinaw Mindanaw!
Lumad Muslim, Kristiyano
Magkalahi, magkahiusa
Usa ka Diyos
Usa ka yuta
Usa ka damgo/pangandoy
Kalinaw Mindanaw!
(Sitti Zayda Halun)
Kasannangan ma Mindana😀w!
Lumad, Muslim Kristiyano
Magsaddi, magdikayo
Dikaw Tuhan
Dikayo paglahatan
Dikayo pikilan
Kasannangan ma Mindanaw!
(Sitti Zayda Halun)
Kasanyangan ha Mindanaw!
Lumad, Muslim, Kristiyano
Magdugaing, maghambuuk
Hambuuk Tuhan
Hambuuk hulaan
Hambuuk pikilan
Kasanyangan ha Mindanaw!
(Rogelio Cabiladas)
Kalinaw Mindanaw!
Lumad, Muslim, Kristiyano
Hadi migsuled, magsabowa
Amin Magbabaya
Amin man bugta
Ha lalayhen pa tagsandig
Kalinaw Mindanaw!
(Rose Romano, Marbel)
Paghidaet Mindanaw!
Lumad, Muslim, Kristiyano
Nagkalain, magkahugpong
Isa ka Diyos
Isa ka duta
Isa ka damgo
Paghidaet Mindanaw!

Ubo Manuvu
(Ramon Bayaan/Boy Sumin)
Kapiyan-nan Mindanaw!
Lumad, Muslim, Kristiyano
Nakad-as-sa pasakad-day
Sak-kad-dak Manama
Sak-kad-dak lavuta
Sak-kad-dak pahuwang
Kapiyan-nan Mindanaw!
(Fr. Manuel Gunsi)
Ti kapia ti Mindanaw!
Lumad, Muslim, Kristiyano
Agduduma, agkaykaysa
Maysa nga Diyos
Maysa nga daga
Maysa nga namnama
Ti kapia ti Mindanaw!
Ata Manobo
(Camid Lapindoy)
Koupianan Mindanaw!
Lumad, Muslim, Kristiyano
Nokog-usa, nasab-boka
Sab-boka ro no Manama
Sab-boka ro no tano
Sab-boka ron puhawang
Koupianan Mindanaw!
(Timuay Roy Rafael/Fr. Manuel Gunsi)
Ketaneki Mindanawe!
Lumad, Muslim, Kristiyano
Segyo-gyo ‘dob Metiman
Sebaani Tuluse
Sebaani engede
Sebaani tudo-eb
Ketaneki Mindanawe!
(Gina Imba)
Katnak Mindanaw!
Lumad, Muslim, Kristiyano
Sahal, sasatu
Set Dwata
Set tana
Set akna
Katnak Mindanaw!
(Cynthia Masinaring, Liklik Masinaring, Mangkatadong Oso Colinog/Laarni Masunag)
Pagkadayaw Mindanaw!
Lumad, Muslim, Kristiyano
Yagakalain-lain, magaidallag
Sang ka Yagbaya
Sang ka banwa
Sang ka enged-enged
Pagkadayaw Mindanaw!
(Pablo Teves)
Kalinaw Mindanaw!
Lumad, Muslim, Kristiyano
Makigbugti, migkasabuok
Kasangabuok doon tu Magbabaya
Kasangabuok tu pasak
Kasangabuok pegdemdem
Kalinaw Mindanaw!
(Musacala S. Ampaso)
Kalilintad Mindanaw!
Lumad, Muslim, Kristiyano
Sasalakawa, Magayonayon
Isa a Tohan
Isa ka ingud
Isa a antap
Kalilintad Mindanaw!
(Manny L. Selen)
Hetina Mindanaw!
Lumad, Muslim, Kristiyano
Biniyasan, megshelabok
Shelabok Magbabaya
Shelabok d’lupa
Shelabok dereman
Hetina Mindanaw!
(Vangie Pontejos Hernandez)
Kalinaw Mindanaw!
Lumad, Muslim, Kristiyano
Magkaiba, magkasararo
Sarong Diyos, sarong daga
Sarong kadagaan
Sarong paglaom
Kalinaw Mindanaw! --Prof. Rudil Buhay Rodil

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